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No development shall take place until a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) for the development has been submitted and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved CEMP shall be adhered to throughout the construction phase and shall include of all those mitigation measures set out in Chapter 15 of Volume 1 of the submitted Environmental Impact Assessment December 2019 and Chapter 7 (Mitigation) of the Air Quality Assessment Rev 02 6 March 2020, unless alternative approaches to biodiversity and archaeology mitigation are submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority, in accordance with condition nos. 7 and 13, and thereafter carried out in the required timescales. In addition, the CEMP shall set out; i. The method to be used to control the emission of dust, noise and vibration from construction works, including any details of any mitigation measures required; ii. Measures to control the deposit of mud and debris on adjoining public highways iii. Site fencing and security iv. Temporary contractors’ buildings, plant, storage of materials, lighting and parking for site operatives v. The use of temporary generators vi. The arrangement or turning of vehicles within the site so that they may enter and leave in forward gear vii. A risk assessment of construction activities with potentially damaging effects on local ecological receptors including any measures to protect those receptors during construction viii. Roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the CEMP requirements and measures. REASON: To mitigate the impact of the development in accordance with the strategy set out in the Environmental Assessment. REASON FOR PRE-COMMENCEMENT: A pre-commencement condition is required as the environmental impact of the development will occur on the commencement of development.
No development shall take place until a written scheme of investigation (WSI) for archaeological work has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The WSI shall as a minimum make provision for: (i) Before remediation or development commences, archaeological evaluation of borehole and trenching data (ii) Before remediation or development commences, initial archaeological survey (drawn and photographed) of the whole application site, with particular emphasis on the remains the subject of preservation in situ (iii) Where practical and before remediation or construction works takes place on site an archaeological strip, map and sample of remains of high significance suggested by the borehole/trenching data, or observed during the initial survey (iv) An archaeological watching brief of all ground disturbance during the remediation works and during construction ground works in areas identified as archaeologically sensitive (v) Protection during development, followed by consolidation and preservation of high value remains left in situ (vi) a general programme of works and monitoring arrangements, including reasonable notification to the local planning authority of commencement of works (vii) details of staff involvement in carrying out the work (including specialists), and their qualifications and responsibilities (viii) the timetable for completing post-excavation assessment. (a) Provision for the analysis, archiving and publication of the results of the archaeological surveys and excavations shall be secured to the satisfaction of the local planning authority by the developer before the development is brought into use. (b) The development shall not without the prior written approval of the local planning authority be carried out otherwise than in accordance with the approved WSI, and the consolidation and preservation of on-site remains as provided for in the WSI (or as otherwise agreed at any time in writing by the local planning authority) shall be secured by the developer and/or landowner on an on-going basis. REASON: The site contains remains of significant archaeological interest, some of which merit preservation in situ. REASON FOR PRE-COMMENCEMENT: A pre-commencement condition is required to ensure that no remains are disturbed or otherwise compromised by site excavation of other ground works.

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