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Prior to the installation of any soft landscaping, full details of any such works must be submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Local Planning Authority. The details shall include size, type and species and a programme of work. The development shall be completed in accordance with the approved details. REASON: To ensure that any soft landscaping features installed are appropriate and respectful of the site and surroundings in accordance with Policy SD4 of the Local Plan.
All planting, seeding or turfing specified in the approved landscaping scheme shall be carried out in accordance with the approved programme of work. Any trees or plants which within a period of ten years from installation die, are removed, or become seriously damaged or diseased shall be replaced in the next planting season with others of similar size and species unless the Local Planning Authority gives written consent to any variation. REASON: To ensure the satisfactory implementation of any approved landscaping scheme in the interests of visual amenities of the locality.
Statement of Co-operative Working: The Local Planning Authority considers that the application as originally submitted is a satisfactory scheme and therefore no negotiations have been necessary.

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Councillor S Jeffrey (SOUTH BANK)
Councillor Sandra Smith (SOUTH BANK)

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