R-2021-0610-PND-Officer Report

Applications details - R/2021/0610/PND

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Planning (Development Management)(Edit)

APPLICATION NUMBER: R-2021/0610/PND-Officer Report




The application seeks prior approval for the demolition of obsolete south bank coke ovens and ancillary buildings (stage 2) at the former Redcar Steel Works, South Bank, Redcar.

The buildings are functionally obsolete and are no longer required for their intended purpose. The site has been identified as one of a number of opportunities to clear assets in advance of future redevelopment, in line with Teesworks aspirations for the wider site area as set out in its Regeneration Master Plan.


The applicant has provided the following description in a supporting letter outlining the works that are intended to take place.

The application seeks prior approval for the demolition of obsolete south bank coke ovens and ancillary buildings. This includes the following:

  • Benzole Tank Loading Area;
  • Effluent and L&M Tanks;
  • Furnace Brick Storage Building;
  • Equipment Store, Primary and Secondary Cooling Towers;
  • Boiler House and Gasholder;
  • Workshops and Conveyor Gantry Plant;
  • Offices and Ancillary Storage Buildings;
  • Napthalene Washers;
  • Benzole Plant;
  • Benzole Scrubbers; and
  • Secondary Ammonia Scrubber.

Within the submission is a plan SBCO-ATK-ZZZ-ZZ-DR-C-0001 Rev. P02 that illustrates the location of these various buildings and structures.

The application has been accompanied by an outline method statement with regard to the demolition process. Within this a summary of the general scope of works has been provided. The summary is as follows;

  • Characterisation of Hazardous Materials to identify Type, Location and Quantum;
  • Structural Assessment of all Plant and Buildings;
  • Identification of demolition options considered to be practicable for each individual item of Plant and Buildings, taking account of Hazardous Materials and potential Hazardous Environments;
  • Where practicable, Hazardous Materials will be removed in advance of demolition in accordance with established industry standards and working methodologies;
  • Preparation of Comparative Risk Assessments of all;
  • Plant and Buildings to establish the safest practicable demolition methodology;
  • Preparation and submission of task specific Risk Assessments and
  • Method Statements, for all Plant and Buildings;
  • Preparation of Construction Stage
  • Programme coordinated in with surrounding works
  • Health and Safety Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Site Waste Management Plan
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Pollution Incident Response Plan
  • Noise Dust and Vibration Monitoring Plan

All works will be carried out in strict compliance with Keltbray’s Operational Safe Systems of Work.

In terms of the restoration of the site the submitted documentation details this as; Any hazardous materials will be removed and disposed off-site, and any residual materials (brick and concrete) will be crushed and set aside for reuse. Ferrous and non-ferrous metalwork will be cut and processed on site before being taken off site. The demolition works will remove all buildings down to down to slab level, with the site being left ‘at grade’.


The proposal to demolish the obsolete south bank coke ovens and ancillary buildings has the potential to fall within the definition of Schedule 2 Development as specified in the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017.

The applicant in their submission has considered the potential impacts of the development with regard to whether the demolition would constitute EIA development. The supporting letter details the following;

It is considered that through the demolition method statement and the mitigation measures that the proposed demolition works would not result in significant environmental impacts that would require the works to be supported by an EIA with the significance not being beyond the local area.

Prior Approval for demolition deals only with the method of demolition and the after care of the site and this issue is examined below.

The proposed structures to be demolished are considered to be in a location surrounded other industrial buildings and structures. While the demolition and clearance of the site will leave an empty part to the site, it is considered that their removal would not have a significantly detrimental impact upon the surrounding area either with regard to general amenity or visual appearance and will allow for future development of this site and the wider STDC site.

The proposed method of demolition and retention of the site thereafter is considered to be acceptable given the location of the site and the potential development that will take place at the site in future years.


Taking into account the content of the report the recommendation is to:


Case Officer

Mr D Pedlow

Principal Planning Officer

David Pedlow

16 August 2021

Delegated Approval Signature

Adrian Miller

Head of Planning and Development

16 August 2021