R-2022-0755-CD-Compliance Officer Report

Applications details - R/2022/0755/CD

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Planning (Development Management)

APPLICATION NUMBER: R-2022/0755/CD-Compliance Officer Report




The application relates to the discharge of conditions relating to planning application R-2021/1048/FFM-Officer Report.

The planning permission sought consent for engineering operations associated with ground remediation and preparation of the site and was approved conditionally on 11/08/22


The following information has been submitted for conditions 3 and 6

3. No phase of development shall take place until a Construction Environmental

Management Plan (CEMP) for that phase of the development has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved CEMP shall be adhered to throughout the construction period of that phase. The CEMP shall

  • include details of any phasing of the approved works across the site and shall demonstrate how the mitigation measures set out in the Ecological Impact

Assessment, INCA, dated November 2021 have been incorporated in the construction methods. The CEMP shall also include the following details:

  • i The method to be used to control the emission of dust, noise and vibration from construction works, including any details of any mitigation measures required;
  • ii Measures to control the deposit of mud and debris on adjoining public highways
  • iii Site fencing and security
  • iv Temporary contractors’ buildings, plant, storage of materials, lighting and parking for site operatives
  • v The use of temporary generators
  • vi The arrangement or turning of vehicles within the site so that they may enter and leave in forward gear
  • vii A risk assessment of construction activities with potentially damaging effects on local ecological receptors including any measures to protect those receptors during construction
  • viii Roles and responsibilities for the implementation of the CEMP requirements and measures.
  • ix Measures to control invasive plant species
  • x Measures to control surface water and other water generated as part of the works

REASON: In the interest of neighbour amenity, highways safety and protection of sites of ecological value in accordance with policies SD4 and N4 of the Redcar and Cleveland Local Plan.

REASON FOR PRE-COMMENCEMENT: The information is required prior to any works commencing on site as it relates to construction details which are often the first works on site and relate to site preparation.

CEMP received by the Local Planning Authority on 14/09/22

6. The development within the application boundary (with the exception of the areas outlined in Blue on the submitted 'Net Zero Data Gaps' plan - Plan Ref. No.

10035117-AUK1XX-XX-DR-ZZ-0508-01- Net_Zero_Plot_Data_Gaps) shall be

  • implemented in accordance with the measures set out in the submitted Enabling Earthworks and Remediation Strategy Report (Report Ref: 10035117-AUK-XXXXRP-ZZ-0417-03). That Remediation Strategy Report shall be subject to
  • independent review through the National Quality Mark Scheme. Should that review result in amendments being necessary, a revised Strategy Report shall be submitted and approved by the local planning authority and development carried out in accordance with it.

Reason To ensure that risks from land contamination to the future users of the land and neighbouring land are minimised, together with those to controlled waters, property and ecological systems, and to ensure that the development can be carried out safely without unacceptable risks to workers and other offsite receptors, in accordance with the Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Enabling Earthworks and Remediation Strategy Report (REPORT NO. 10035117-AUK-XX-XX-RP-ZZ-0417-06-Rem_Strat_LWoW) received by the Local Planning Authority on 14/09/22

Contaminated Land Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (10035117-AUK-XX-XX-RP-ZZ-0428-04LWoW_DQRA) received by the Local Planning Authority on 14/09/22

Phase 1 Contaminated Land Desk Study (10035117-AUK-XX-XX-RP-ZZ-052004-Land West of Warrenby Redcar Preliminary Risk Assessment) received by the Local Planning Authority on 14/09/22

Water Monitoring Plan (10035117-AUK-XX-XX-MS-ZZ-0569-01LWoW_Water_Monitoring) received by the Local Planning Authority on 14/09/22


Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (Environmental Protection) (Contamination)(Edit)

No objection

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (Environmental Protection) (Nuisance)(Edit)

No objection

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (Highways)(Edit)

Condition 3 (CEMP) asked for measures to control the deposit of mud and debris on the adjoining public highways, parking for site operatives and the arrangements or turning of vehicles within the site so they can entre and leave in a forward gear, although the information supplied does not cover these recommendations in detail or at all, due to the location of the site the impact on the highway will be minimal, therefore there is no objection to discharging this condition with regards to highways.


The application submitted deals with matters relating to contamination and construction environmental management.

The submitted CEMP has been considered by the Council’s environmental protection team and the Council’s engineers. No objection has been received by any of the consultees and therefore the submitted document is considered to be appropriate to discharge the condition.

The submitted documentation relating to contamination has been considered by the

Council’s environmental protection officers. Based on the information that has been provided it is considered that the condition can be discharged.

The application falls outside of the catchment for nitrate neutrality and therefore not requiring additional information / assessment.


Taking into account the content of the report the recommendation is to discharge conditions 3 and 6

Case Officer

Mr D Pedlow

Principal Planning Officer

David Pedlow

17 October 2022

Delegated Approval Signature

Claire Griffiths

Development Services Manager